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Production Music Mojo represents not just an outlet for dark production music elements, but a one stop solution as the definitive online source for dark music tracks. We are a music library housing over 7,400 tracks that are distinct, compelling, organic, effective, and available for immediate use all under one roof. The music tracks are designed to work beneath your narrative and visuals creating a cohesive that works away at your audience and gives you the dark sonic crayons to tell your story on your terms and the way you envisioned.

We happily make music licensing easy with simple licensing terms, music downloadable immediately, and royalty free. If you are licensing music for youtube, hunting for stock music of the dark genre, funky, sport music, music licensing for film, or searching for instrumental music with full on musicianship to the hilt, its all here in our collection and we will be happy to oblige.

Listen now and find the perfect match for your production.


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Over 7,000 tracks

Over 7,000 tracks

Choose from an ever expanding portfolio of dark sound design elements, stings, soundscapes, and full on, all in music tracks.

100% Compatible

100% Compatible

All files are digitally compressed with industry standard codecs that may be imported into any modern edit workstation.

Instantly Downloadable

Instantly Downloadable

Music may be downloaded immediately after purchase. All transactions safely handled by Pond5.

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Simple, straight forward music licensing.

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YouTube and Vimeo safe audio.

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Trusted worldwide by creative professionals.

Dark Hits and Stings Two
Dark Hits and Stings
Dark Documentary, Science, Space, Discovery Three
Dark Documentary, Science, Space, Discovery Two
Dark Atmosphere Drones and Floors Five
Dark Atmosphere Drones and Floors Four
Dark Atmosphere Drones and Floors Three
Dark Atmosphere Drones and Floors Two
Dark Atmosphere Drones and Floors